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Alexis Azria
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Sadly, many children in America need our help . In fact, o ne in seven children , almost 10.5 million, live in poverty in the United States. Of all children who are living below the poverty line in the US, the youngest are the most at risk to go hungry or face homelessness. One in six children under the age of six are considered poor and about half of those kids live in what is considered extreme poverty. In this article, we will talk about ways that you can help a child in need .


One of the most important ways that you can help vulnerable children in your community is to volunteer your time. Academic assistance is a great place to start, since many children living in low-income housing are from families whose parents have less than a high school diploma. In fact, the unemployment rate is 2–4 times higher among those without a Bachelor’s degree . Literacy programs for kids and volunteer tutoring can provide the additional academic support these children require to break the cycle of poverty and take their education further.

Donate Funds

Donating to programs that provide vital resources like food, educational materials, and medical care to low-income families can make the difference in their children escaping poverty. During the pandemic, the amount of children facing hunger in the US rose from 10 million to 12 million in just a year. As parents were getting laid off, schools were also closing, which meant children weren’t getting their subsidized school lunches. Struggling with hunger makes it impossible for a child to focus in school and can demoralize them emotionally, making the cycle of poverty more likely to continue. Donating food to local shelters and organizations can have an immediate impact for families struggling to eat.

Donate Clothes and Baby Items

During these cold winter months, local children in your town can benefit greatly from donated coats, pants, hats and other warm items. Several schools, churches and daycares accept donations, or you can always head over to your local Salvation Army to donate goods. And if you have extra diapers, wipes, baby clothes or blankets please donate them as well. Low-income families struggle to afford these essential items.

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